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White Wine Order List
Chennin Blanc :    Year  750 ml Bottle
Semillon :    Year  750 ml Bottle
Chardonnay Barrique - (Wooded):    Year  750 ml Bottle
Chardonnay (Unwooded):    Year  750 ml Bottle
Sleepless Nights - Late Harvest Sémillon:    Year  375 ml Bottle
Bonnie & Claire - Chenin Blanc Sémillon:    Year  750 ml Bottle
Lady Jemaima - Chuvée:    Year  750 ml Bottle
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Red Wine Order List
Cabernet Sauvignon Unwooded:    Year  750 ml Bottle
Cabernet Sauvagnon Barrique :    Year  750 ml Bottle
Shiraz:    Year  750 ml Bottle
Malbec:    Year  750 ml Bottle
Shiraz Rosé:    Year  750 ml Bottle
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