Rosé Wine

Shiraz Rosé .

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It's a fresh nouveau style, 100% from bush sharaz. Decadently dry.
Spice and youthful plum erupt on the tongue.
It is a well balanced wine with a long linger.

Our Shiraz Rosé proudly bears the INTEGRITY & STAINABILTY Certified lable on its neck, showing just how commited we are to sustainable, eco-friendly production. We too are not just advocating green, we are practising it!

Red Wines

Cabernet Sauvignon Barrique

Concentrated flavours with hints of blackcurrent, blackberry and mint.
Elegant oak, fine balance with a long finish.

Cabernet Sauvignon - Unwooded.
Very similar structure to the Cabernet Barrique, with more fruit to replace the oak flavours.

This Shiraz is hand crafted and matured for 14 months in Hungarian oak.
Purple in colour, typical varietal nose, on the pallet loaded with fruits and hint of oak.

A berry sensation. Rasberries and blueberries explode in your mouth with gracious acidity and full body to round off this taste wonder.

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