White Wines

Chardonnay Barrique

An elegant, pale gold Chardonnay, fermented and matured in traditional french oak barrels for 9 months.
The skilful blending of the first and third fill barrels has created a perfect harmony of fruit and oak, achieving a balanced dry wine with longer linger.

Chardonnay - Unwooded.
This unwooded Chardonnay demonstrates the true citrus, dry character of the cultivar,with a long refreshed and elegant finish that lingers on the palate

Chenin Blanc.
Made from 20 year old bushwines, loaded with fruit and rounded off with a touch of elegant oak, crisp and dry with long, lingering citrus following through.

This Sémillon is made from bushwines, barrel fermented using only wild yeast.
French and Hungarian oak matured for seven months, green tinge, dry, fruity, gentle oak, long finish.
Rich and firm structure.

Sleepless Nights - Late Harvest Sémillon.
A new noble late harvest, made from Sémillon grapes.
Released in 2006.


Bonnie & Claire - Chenin Blanc Semillon.
Big feet and big hearts and so is the blend Bonnie and Claire, our Bouvier twins, have inspired us to create this wonderful blend.
A 51% Chenin Blanc is Bonnie, a 49% Sémillon is Claire blend.
what thunder and lightning means to the savanah, so do Chenin Blanc and Sémillon to the winelands.
The coming together of these two South African cultivars were quite natural and it has created perfect harmony.

Lady Jaemaima - Cuvée.
This cuvée is a unique blend of45% Semillon, 31% Chardonnay and 24% Chenin Blanc. All three varietals ripened in chorus and were simultaneously pressed, barrel fermentated and matured together.

We dedicate this special blend to our Donkey, Lady Jemaima, who was rescued from appaling conditions and has now found happiness at Hildenbrand, as we hope you will while drinking this Curvée

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