Reni Hildenbrand was recognized as an olive oil taster by the National Organization of Olive Oil Tasters in 2002.

Reni Hildenbrand became a certified member of the International Course for Panel Supervisors of virgin olive oil Tasters in 2005.

Reni Hildenbrand successfully passed the selective physiological aptitude test according to the I.O.O.C method (Reg. CE 796/02, Reg CE 2568/91 Annex XII) which was held on Morgenster Estate - 26th November 2004.

The "Member of SA Olive" seal is the consumer's guarantee that the producer confirms that:
  • Content is 100% locally produced olive product
  • Year of harvest as displayed on the seal is accurate
  • Content has passed the SA Olive organoleptic taste test
  • Content complies with chemical standard requirements
  • Content is produced in accordance with the SA Olive Codes of Conduct and Practice which provides quality guidelines for production based on international standards
  • Label complies with the requirements of the SA Olive Code of Practice demanding honest and informative labeling
Seal of Approval.

Hildenbrand extra virgin oil has been awarded as a member of the "SA Olive Industry of Standards" quality seal of approval.

In order to maintain high quality standards SA Olive has joined forces with the Consumer Goods Council – who will perform random spot checks on products carrying the seal.

S.A. Olive Achiever of the Year Award

What the judges say:
Reni Hildenbrand fully personifies what this award is about. Not only has she excelled in building up a successful business in the wine, and olive and hospitality industries, but doing so, she regularly puts the interests of the industries that she is so passionate about, before her own personal and business interests. Currently she is promoting South African wine and olive products into the unexplored markets of the far east.

  • John Scrimgeour (acting chairman, past chairman of SA Olive)
  • Adri Esterhuyse (agri specialist, ABSA)
  • Alan Stuart (olive grower and honorary member of SA Olive.