Reni Hildenbrand, creator of fine red and white wines, olives, and olive oils has followed her childhood passion for wine making and has created something special at Klein Rhebokskloof, home to Hildenbrand Wines and Olive oils, Wellington.

Klein Rhebokskloof was a property much in need of a repair when she bought it.
Being creative and tenacious, she took the 300 year old historic buildings and transformed them into a place of working efficiency while retained the charm and timelessness of the farm. To help pay bills she started Klein Rhebokskloof Guest and Country House, the first in the district.

Quality is of essence for Reni, including her time. Wine is not only about its taste, but about its place of birth. The hands that nurtured it through the process from grape to wine and the memories of tasting it with its creator. Besides the huge task of restoring the farm, Reni had to face the reality of the male dominated farming world. Her introduction left her questioning the gentlemanly virtues of farmers, when, on arrival, they found their neighbour to be a petite female and a "buitelande"(a foreigner). In attending meetings; she was addressed as "Meneer"(Mister) even though she was a "Mevrou"(Madam) and could not speak Afrikaans!

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